Our Services

Affordable and Supportive Housing


Whole Life Housing centres are designed to be self-organizing communities that promote best practices of supportive and transitional housing. The four pillars of Whole Life Housing are tenant empowerment, private capital investments, rela-tionally-based staff, and social service innovations.

Ten Features of Supportive Housing

Tenant Support, In-House Medical, Addiction Counseling, Affordable Rent, Neighbour Watch, Housekeeping Services, Advanced Pest Control, On-Site Breakfast, Laundry Services, and Work Placements.

Whole Life Housing reduces primary risk factors that lead to homelessness (un-treated mental illness and substance abuse) by 40 – 60% after a minimum 6-week stay. The recidivism rate (return to homelessness) is less than 5%.


Parent & Child Development


Parent and Child Development Services (PCDS) is a Community Builders sponsored endeavor which supports at-risk children and parents in Greater Vancouver with housing and independent living assistance. PCDS is cost-effective and privately funded. The initiative provides an alternative to government-funded support services for parents and children.


Sustainable Villages


Sustainable Villages Initiative (SVI) has been active since 1988 through partner-ships with locally-developed community-based organizations (CBOs) in Haiti, Africa. A CBO is created when local citizens in rural areas unite to plan sustainable ways to improve the quality of life for their own families and all persons in their villages. The CBOs are supported by Canadian philanthropists and community developers. Participants receive capital grants to start community-based businesses and gifts to support medical and agricultural efforts which benefit entire villages. The outcome of an effective CBO is an economic stimulus that increases per capita income and reduces systemic problems such as under-five mortality, maternal death and untreated diseases.


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