About Us

Julie Roberts

Executive Director

Julie Roberts has been with Community Builders since 1999 and has given leadership to the organization since 2008. Julie is passionate about promoting equality and opportunities for marginalized people. She has lead Community Builders in its focus to develop innovated, affordable housing strategies to assist with the crisis of homelessness in Vancouver.

Julie credits her upbringing in East Africa for contributing to her commitment to working in areas of poverty, both in Canada and around the world. Julie is also a trained paramedic and has used her medical skills both in Canada and to assist when natural disasters hit internationally. It's through this work that Community Builders established a presence in Haiti after the devastating Earthquake in 2010.

Julie has dedicated her time in the last two decades to helping people in need. She works tirelessly towards these goals having values of compassion and respect for all person and brings a spirit of openness to the Community Builders network.

    Shauna Semenowich

    Human Resources Manager

    Shauna has been part of the Community Builders team since 2014. She is currently in charge of Human Resources and Operational Management for all of Community Builders Housing Centres in Vancouver.

    Shauna is passionate about giving a voice to those who don’t have one and has acted as an advocate for her own daughter who was born with a rare genetic disorder in 2002. She knows ASL (American Sign Language) and has a long history of involvement and volunteer experience with non profits that support children with disabilities.

    Shauna has a glass is half full mentality and brings kindness, patience and compassion to everyone she meets.

      Emil Nuhic


      Emil joined Community Builders in 2016, drawn by organization's strong mission and people involved. Emil holds B.A. in Finance, and has more than 15 years of accounting experience in various industries from manufacturing, retail to IT, and now in non-for-profit sector.

      Emil manages Community Builders Group's financial functions, making sure that financial operations run smoothly, aiming at improving operational efficiency and providing meaningful financial info for the management.

        Gustavo Sobral

        Administrative Officer

        Gustavo has been working with Community Builders since 2016, always motivated to go the extra mile focusing on efficiency and accuracy throughout the organization. Gustavo holds a B.A. in Business and Foreign Trade and has over 5 years experience in the banking industry with financial reporting and data management.

        Gustavo is responsible for our database support and management, financial reporting, payroll and provides support and resources to our accounting department and government agencies.

          Board Members

          Dr. Bryan Jones - President

          Ali Paton - Secretary

          Kane Morgan - Treasurer

          Emily Beers - Director

          Caleigh Ashe - Director

          Jennifer Hawkins - Director